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  1. The Perfect Stick to Use on a Hunt

    There are a great many different sticks on the market today suitable to take with you on a hunt. Some people like to have their hands free and some like to carry a stick with it's ample uses and practicality. The handmade sticks you will at [url=""]Walking Sticks from Emilyhannah Ltd. Over 900 Different Walking Canes in Stock[/url] are produced by two stick makers who both enjoy hunting and fishing. They are also both engineers and so are very qualified ...
  2. Wading Sticks for Crossing Rivers, Balance and Measuring Water Depth

    A wading stick is one of the most useful things to take with you on a hunt or for fishing in faster moving waters. A [URL=""]wading stick[/URL] is traditionally a thumbstick with a weighted end and a long lanyard that can be wrapped around the body.

    The weighted end and the lanyard both prevent the stick from floating off downstream. The weighted end also allows you to test the depth of the water when crossing ...
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  3. Beating Sticks

    Used for flushing out game, our stick makers make excellent beating sticks. They are strong and robust (you can shut it in the Land Rover door many times and it will still survive!)

    Beating sticks are traditionally either wooden thumbsticks or [URL=""]hiking sticks[/URL]. Both of our local stick makers are hunting and fishing enthusiasts so they make sticks they would use themselves. The beater walks up ahead ...
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  4. Your Magnetic Topped Friend in the Field

    Do you get fed up of picking up your spent cartridges? Then here is a great solution for you. A handsome thumbstick or hiking stick with an strong magnet in-bedded in the top of the handle. If you were to take a stick with a magnet at the bottom, in the tip, around with you, you would soon be collecting up all kinds of rubbish (can ring pulls etc). With the magnet in the handle, you simply point the handle down to retrieve the object.

    It's not just cartridges, the magnet is strong ...
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  5. An enjoyable stalk

    by , 14-08-2015 at 16:55 (My sponsored DSC1 and route to stalking PLUS puppy diary)
    Hi all,
    I just thought I'd like to share my experience from yesterday which was a really pleasant outing for me down on ELMER FUDD's ground in Monmouth. I always enjoy my stalking, but sometimes a total blank or seeing only a fleeting glimpse of deer is frustrating. Yesterday was the total opposite, as I got to really see the place come alive with deer.
    I'd been looking forward to this trip for a while, my first outing since March, Barry (ELMER) texted me to say that he wasn't going ...
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