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    Speechless - Tax Disc - Unpaid Tax

    Ah, but then you get the "Why subsidise the rural bus and goods vehicles". Surely it's choice where you live, and if you choose to live out

    rodp Today, 13:14 Go to last post

    True Life MPG

    I think I would be very wary of German sites giving estimates of mileage, bit like pollution figures.

    kes Today, 13:11 Go to last post

    Speechless - Tax Disc - Unpaid Tax

    HGV's ar considerably more damaging to road pavements - even the strongest I'm sure everyone has seen the wheel rutting on the inside lane of motorways.

    kes Today, 13:08 Go to last post
    norma 308

    custom knives worth it or not?

    If your a knife collector then I see no prob in leaving customs in the drawer ...however if your a deerstalker why would you not use your custom knife

    norma 308 Today, 13:07 Go to last post

    Speechless - Tax Disc - Unpaid Tax

    Of course we could always register our vehicles in Roumania....then we'd need pay no tax. And parking fines and speeding penalties would be unknown as

    enfieldspares Today, 13:05 Go to last post