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Thread: L.E. Wilson 22-250 AI Dies

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    L.E. Wilson 22-250 AI Dies

    I am selling a set of 22-250 Ackley Improved (40 degree) LE Wilson dies, consisting of, neck die and base,
    Bullet seating die and base with Sinclair micrometre top and seating stem.

    VGC REDUCED to 75 posted, prefer bank transfer but will accept paypal gift

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    Ian, please excuse my ignorance, but how much of an improvement over the std 22-250 is it?


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    i could go into chapters on the pros and cons of improved cartridges, many will tell you that the improvements are not worth it but that depends what you are looking for, most hanker after increased velocity.
    My pet load was 52 grain A-max at 4200fps a good 400fps over the standard cartridge and extremely accurate out of my custom Lilja barrel.
    I also had 36grain Barnes Varmint Grenades whizzing along at 4890fps in my quest for 5000fps but pressure put a damper on any further advancement in that quest.
    The less tapered case walls of the improved case grip the chamber better and reduce end thrust against the bolt face,
    One of the benefits mentioned in P.O. Ackleys book which is almost always overlooked is the improved cases ability to duplicate the top end loads and velocities of the parent case at reduced pressure.


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    Thanks for that little insight, did not know about the end thrust issue's or the reduced loads offering the same fps as std, good info thanks

    those 36's are motoring, did the pressure get to the point of case damage & fear of life?

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    Case damage rick together with some blown out primers


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    Not reduced loads as such rick but the improved cases ability to equal the parent cartridges velocity at lower pressure albeit for a slightly increased powder charge.


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