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Thread: ALDI Digital Verniers

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    ALDI Digital Verniers

    Aldi are selling digital verniers again for under a tenner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCB View Post
    Aldi are selling digital verniers again for under a tenner!
    I have had one for a few years. I have only one complaint, it eats batteries.
    take the battery out when you are not using it.
    I have checked it with inspection grade test bars and it is still reading within 0.001".


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    have had one for 3-4yrs
    still has the original battery in

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    Ditto, I have two. Neither 'eat' the batteries. I think, for the money, they're hard to beat.

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    Make sure you use a Silver Oxide battery not an Alkaline and they last fine
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    Not had any problem with mine either. I normally switch it off when not using it, that seems to help the battery usage. :-)


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