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Thread: Chiller: (sptted on Airgun BBS)

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    Tommo not a member of that site. Could you post details for me and a location. Would be very interested.

    Cheers & ATB


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    Hi Rf,

    Just for you my friend - i have PM the guy on BBS, so awaiting some details l can pass on inc. contact details - the chiller is commercial 8' x 8' with all new mechanics (i deserve a drink for this!) and he's located in Andover - and willing to travel for a price (50p a mile)


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    hi guys

    i know mark (the bloke selling it) and i have hung a few deer in the unit, nice simple and in very good condition.

    here is marks add.

    Walk-In second hand chiller 8' x 8' For Sale
    I have a good condition second hand chiller for sale. In the last 2 years the unit has been fitted with a new compressor, new motor and a new chip control board (Not a lot left to renew!) Does need a new tray to catch the condensed water but easy to replace.

    Fully dismantled in my shed ready for collection. Three small indentations on the inside (2" round). I may get them filled if I get time. There are some racking bars on one side and a strip light.

    I have been told they are 4k ish new. I am asking 1,500.

    Ideal to store Venison or any other game come to that. Easy to put together - just slots in place and you seal it all up with silicon

    Any questions please ask.

    I will try to attach photos on Monday when I am at work where the photos are.

    The unit has been cleaned up since it has been dismantled. May be able to help with transport if it is a problem @ 50p per mile round trip.

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    Sorry Fella's its too steep for me. All I want is a Coke Bottle chiller for the odd deer and rabbits.

    Tommo many thanks and Bobjs your de man cheers

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    no bother mate.

    its nice to be able to help.

    kind regards


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