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    Well finally found my new rifle and waiting for it to be cut so would like little advice on moderators that people would recommend thanks in advance :-)

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    Ase Utra have served me well.

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    I'm an ASE fan too. I have the Utra Northstar in 30cal that moderates both my .270 and 22-250 very well indeed. A bit heavy at over 600grams, but it's fully-welded stainless so should likely last a lifetime with moderate use. And you soon get used to the weight
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    Hardy Gen IV - top bit of kit
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Here's another vote for the ASE Utra. The only downside is that it is all forward of the barrel, so can alter the weight a fair bit compared to others which cover the barrel more.

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    Atec maxim. Medium/light weight back over the barrel. Good sound reduction, reasonable price, durable and parts replaceable.
    Got one on 6.5x55/.308 and very pleased with it should last many years.
    Also atec cmm4alu. Much lighter end of barrel. Won't last anywhere near as long but I only shoot deer with it. So by the time I've shot 200 or so I'll have eaten a s**t load of meat or had enough cash back to pay for a new one. Very light and still reduces sound enough that ears have never rang after a shot.
    Me sister lives in Lincolnshire so if you've got ground and wanted to see for yourself you could try them next time I'm over, depending where you live of course.

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    Thanks for all the replies and if I haven't sorted anything out woodmaster that be great

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    Ase ultra for me also, heavy in stainless, but when it does rust / burn out , Jackson rifles will give you 60% discount off a new one if you take the old one in



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