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Thread: Heym SR21 take down

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    Heym SR21 take down

    Hello everyone.

    I was having a game of fantasy league rifle buying and started having a look at the Heym range because they're really very nice rifles indeed. And it struck me that what I'd really like one day would be something like a Heym SR21, but with a take down facility. So I had a look at their range and options, but there is no option for that. Except that in December 2009, Bonhams sold an example of exactly that: Bonhams : A fine 7x57mm 'SR-21' take-down sporting rifle by Heym, no. 211455TD

    Do Heym have a secret customising department that they don't like to talk about, or did they used to offer this but then dropped it from the repertoire?

    More generally, what takedown production models are on the market these days, apart from the switch-barrel ones? The key thing is that I don't like two-part stocks where the stock and forend are attached at either end of the receiver, like the Sauer 202 takedown for instance. Much as my head says this is a great rifle, my heart just doesn't latch onto it. There is the Verney-Carron Impact Takedown, but the bolt handle looks horrible (completely subjective I know).

    Anyway, this is as good a Friday discussion as any!

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    Perhaps Westley Richards? Well, you did say it was a fantasy, although I'm not sure that it qualifies as a production rifle.

    New Guns - Westley Richards

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    Well, you do like transportable rifles!

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    I believe Edward Fox might help you with one?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You two obviously missed the part about stock design... Edward Fox looks like he's about to smack himself in the eye with the scope there. As for Westley Richards, yes, I agree, an ideal choice! Perhaps with one or two zeroes fewer than on the current price though.

    Here's a question for people who know about such things: presumably it's not that complicated to change a bolt handle to one that doesn't look like something picked from the little plastic drawers in an ironmongers'?

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    I've just been lusting after a Shultz & Larsen take down. Look at, M.97 DL Take Down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    You two obviously missed the part about stock design... Edward Fox looks like he's about to smack himself in the eye with the scope there.
    He chose the cartridge - if not the scope rings - most wisely!


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    Joe Smithson will make you a nice one, ok, 3 year waiting list, $30,000 later and export issues,,,but! he'll do a good one.

    Alternatively Schultz and Larsen's are very very nice indeed, shame they had to try and 'improve' the m98 action they used for so long.

    otherwise consider a custom m98 based take down with your own design, ok will still cost you around the 10K.

    Finally, let's be honest, the take down feature will never really be used unless you happen to travel a lot on buses and trains where having a smaller case just happens to be very convenient, and takedowns and just adds moving parts to a rifle which is never a good idea.

    That said, why not a standart rifle with a good solid bedding platform and torque wrench that can ensure take-apart and re-assembly with perfect consistency and zero, there's hardly any length difference and you can custom make a nice case for it.

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