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Thread: .22-250 for deer north of the border.

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    .22-250 for deer north of the border.

    Hi all just wandering your opinions on using a .22-250 fir deer in Scotland. Is it an acceptable, humane calibre and what ranges, ammo would you suggest. I am looking at getting a .308 if I enjoy stalking but want to use what I got for now. Thanks In advance


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    More than adequate for Roe, I use a .223 for all mine for years. 55Grain SP works well.

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    Works well but avoid very light for calibre bullets. 55g softpoints or heavier are probably best

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    60 grain nosler partition would work well.. I think if your not a hand loader federal offers it in there loadings

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    Cheers chaps. I don't reload so will have a look at the federal loads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallace grant View Post
    More than adequate for Roe, I use a .223 for all mine for years. 55Grain SP works well.

    Little dif to the 220 Swift and that works just fine.


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    Legal for roe north of the border, but no other species.

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    Also legal for Muntjac & CWD with a bullet weight of 50gr or greater

    I use my 22-250 on roe & in my opinion you couldn't get a better calibre for the job
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    Nice round for the roe deer. 55g softpoints.

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    zero 1cm high at 100 and you're pretty much point and shoot tod 300 at least for H/L shots and neck shots to almost 200. I have a varmint barrelled 22-250 I'm currently using for roe in 26" and it's spitting out sako 55g soft points with 10 round cloverleafs on paper.

    good points - point and shoot to silly distances, great for foxes too, light on recoil, cheap ammo

    bad points - very explosive at short distances, you should have seen the doe I shot earlier in the year at 16 yards,,joint and buthered! my anticipation with this calibre and not reloading 60+ grainers, is to always lose a shoulder and see a lot of bruising. I am also very wary of grass and twigs, it does not take much for a bullet exiting in the mid to high 3000's to blow up if it touches a bit of grass, where a slower 7mm or 30cal would have possibly just nudged the grass out of the way,,,but that's a WHOLE 'nother contentious subject and is heavily debatable.
    also, any wind will throw the bullets wildly I have experienced, so even though point and shoot to 300, a 7mph evening cross breeze,,trust me, the hold off is not for the faint hearted and in Scotland it is ALWAYS windy.

    My personal inclination is to re-barrel it to another 7x57, my only hang up is the extraordinary accuracy and repeatability of the current barrel, but I suppose I can always sell it or stick a cheap m98 santa Barbara action on it to keep as a foxer.

    if I was picking a .224 cal for Scotland again, it'd be .222 or .223, there's nothing between them, but I find due to wind up here, the benefits of the 22-250 are negligible and the explosiveness at shorter ranges are a tad excessive

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