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Thread: beach fishing kit

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    beach fishing kit

    Never done beach casting before don't know anything about it other than watching few YouTube vids but fancy giving it a nudge so if anyone has cheap basic starter gear to shift please get in touch
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    I'm a novice too but first you need to know what kind of ground you will be fishing ?
    For example rough ground rod for .. Rough ground like kelp heavy seaweed rocky areas ... Usually for cod ... Like my area Montrose ... Heavy Duty rough ground rod & basically bullying cod out through kelp etc


    Flattie bashing ... Smooth ground , sandy sea bed for flat fish , bass etc

    No point trying cod on rough ground with a smooth ground rod

    If you know what ground type of fishing then can choose accordingly

    Go to

    Then forums .., same as here but fishing ... Guys help you out & someone local may take you out get you started


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    Excellent thanks for that link
    So basically there's not a ''jack of all master of non'' just to get me started? I live in Yorkshire so possibly do East Yorkshire Coast Brid Scarborough and down but also stalk argyle so would like to use it up that way too.
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    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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