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Thread: 308 brass

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    308 brass

    Hi all.
    Could anyone tell me the make or factory loaded ammo that has t p 308 head stamp on it.i bought them as once fired federal brass.all federal cases I've had in the past had f c 308 head stamp.cheers swaro

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    Could be that it refers to the activity i.e. 'target practise' rather than the manufacturer?

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    TPE or TPZ can't see anything for just TP

    Headstamp Codes - International Ammunition Association
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    I think it's Ruag Swiss ball, target or other variations.

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    Maybe it stands for Thun Patronen?

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    There you go feller some light reading ,
    Service ammunition can be classified into four broad categories - ball, incendiary (I), high-explosive (HE) and armour-piercing (AP) - any of which may also be equipped with tracers (T) so that the gunner can observe the accuracy of his shooting. Other common designations are SAP (semi-armour-piercing), TP (target practice), SD (self destruct), APDS (armour-piercing discarding-sabot) and APFSDS (armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding-sabot). The terms HV (high or hyper velocity) and SV (super velocity) are sometimes used to designate lightweight projectiles (usually AP).
    up shot looks like .308 target practice

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