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Thread: A rip off hunt?

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    A rip off hunt?

    I have just finished reading the second part of an article published in Australian And International Trophy Hunter ( magazine)

    The article deals with and names the names of the people that ripped the Aussie lad (s) off with a hunting trip in Kyrgystan.

    The fellow that took their hard earned is in the UK apparently and refuses to deal with the grievances of the hunting party.

    These grievances are all outlined in print in a comprehensive and lengthy two part article.

    These boys spent a shitt load of money on the hunting and travelling and all attempts of any settlement have been ignored.All trophies havent been sent either....we are talking Argalis!

    Is it kosher to name names and the guide outfit on the SD? I think it is as others will surely be bitten!

    They are already in two magazines.
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    Have you got a link to the article in question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OJPrescott View Post
    name and shame

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    yep, name and shame! If they've been named elsewhere then it's no foul. And as you say, if it costs them business and prevents others from being conned you'll be doing people a favour
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    Ok henry skeffington is the UK name. The outfit is called " the real big five". I don't have the mag with me ATM to check spelling etc. Turat ?? From memory is the bloke from K.
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    Well they claim to be the 'top of the tree' for hunting in their speel on the web, whats the story as you know it Johno?
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    This thread has just been brought to my attention. Johno, whoever you may be, you had better get your facts straight before you starting naming and shaming!! The 3 hunters in question did NOT book an Argali hunt with me or our agency. While on a hunt they did a deal with the local outfitter to shoot Argali. We were not privy to this, nor were we remunerated.
    The hunters left their trophy in Kyrgyzstan and blamed us for them not having them.

    I tried to work with these hunters but they did not follow my advice and dealt with the outfitter directly again, and then decided to bad mouth me. It was not ideal from anyone's point of view and needless to say we no longer work with that outfitter, but John Gryphon you should research facts before trying to publically shame.
    thank you for bringing this article to my attention we shall be pursuing the magazine as they certainly never contacted us for comment, which would be the normal thing to do.

    Anyone who wants information on this supposed rip off, I am more than happy to divulge all the information on the hunt, and can provide you with many many references who will attest to our integrity and professionalism.

    I welcome enquiries, and thank those that brought this thread to my attention
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    Seems the SD really IS the blast furnace & casting bay to get things thrashed out.
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