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    I've found a reloading guide for Lovex powders, made by I must have picked it up at a game fair of shooting show, as you do. A couple of members have posted comments about using it, but I can't recall a UK stockist. Anyone like to comment on its quality, and who to get it from. The reloading guide is available here:

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    Very nice. Thanks!
    We don't have Lovex powders (labeled as such, at least) but it's nice to see the data.~Muir

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    I have used it, once for the 7x64 and a fair bit in magnum shotshells.
    Available from claygame.
    Works well, but the grade I used I cannot get!

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    Westlander are the usual UK importers and a few dealers do sell it.

    I got mine from a nice chap in Consett who brought over about 250Kg of various powders directly from Explosia, 30-35/Kg which is less than half the usual price (and he still made money on them!).

    S062 is excellent in .308 and also works very nicely in .260, I also got 5Kg of D073.5 which again is nice in .308.
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