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Thread: Deer stalking books

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    Deer stalking books

    Can anyone recommend a vintage red deerstalking book around the 1950

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    Two years older than you wish and not deerstalking:


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    Ex libris Daluae:
    The Sporting Rifle in Britain by 'The Ruffle' (yes, really) 1951: not specifically red deer - but as the name suggests, all sporting rifle use covered.
    With a Gun to the Hill by Stephen M Pilkington 1948: fail again - not '50s, and mainly reminiscences/yarns.
    Highland Deerstalker by Colin Gibson 1958: Again, a reminiscence rather than a 'how to' book
    The Tale of a Deer Forest by Henry Tegner 1957: Tegner also wrote 'Game for the Sporting Rifle' and 'The Sporting Rifle and its use in Britain' in the early '60s. These are also interesting.

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    Ruffle was the pseudonym of Henry Tegner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Homes View Post
    Ruffle was the pseudonym of Henry Tegner.

    Well, I'm astonished both at my lack of curiosity in trying to discover the owner of the pseudonym and my lack of observation in the similarities between the Ruffle book and the similarly-named Tegner volume!
    On those grounds, I recommend both of the Tenger titles, depite their being written just into the '60s.

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    He did the same thing with the Buck of Lordenshaw and the Buck of the Saughs.Same book published at separate times.

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    What is the publication date of this book?
    Is the publisher William Hodge & Co.?

    This reminds me of one of my initial curiosities: Do many of you read books on deer hunting in North America, and how does any knowledge and skills for whitetail, mule deer, or elk relate to hunting your UK deer? The seasons and rut seem to be quite a bit different. And the bucks here really are into fighting and rounding up harems of does.
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    I hazard a guess:

    Deer Hunting with Dalrymple: A lifetime of Lore on the Whitetail and Mule Deer[COLOR=#555555 !important]Hardcover[/COLOR] [COLOR=#555555 !important]– 1978[/COLOR]


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Homes View Post
    Which book Southern?
    Here, I was asking about The Watcher and the Red Deer.

    But some books on North American deer hunting would include
    "Hunting Trophy Deer" by John Wooters' ( Texas Hill Country )
    "Deer Hunting with Dalyrmple" by Byron Dalrymple
    "Shots at Whitetails" by Larry Koller ( big woods, winter hunting in New England and Upstate New York )
    "Whitetails: Fundamentals" by George Mattis
    "The Still Hunter" by Theodore Van Dyke ( a Civil War veteran decides Illinois is too crowded in the 1880s, and head to the open hills of San Diego, California)
    "Open Country Mule Deer" by Dwight Schuh
    "Mule Deer Hunting" by Jim Zumbo
    "Elk Hunting" by Jim Zumbo

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