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Thread: Sako AV .270 package

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    Sako AV .270 package

    Never thought I'd do this, but having fallen for my new 75 I'm going to put this up for sale as I can see me just using the 75 for the time being

    Sako AV .270 screw cut 1/2 inch unf (fired around 500 rounds from new)

    Optilock 30mm low rings and L/A bases

    AS newT8 moderator (newer shorter model)

    Docter 2.5-10 x 48 scope A4 ret

    Around 100 rounds of ammo, mostly Federal 150gr RNSP (shoots 1/2 inch groups with theselooking for £1000 the lot. Cheers Jase. Scope in pictures and sling not included.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Your nuts mate
    ive had underpants on longer than you've had that lol
    shouldnt be around long good luck with the sale .How much ??

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    Jase, I'd leave it in the cabinet and if it's not been out after 12m then sell it. The last thing you want is an invite where there's a minimum calibre and the .243 isn't allowed
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    You will regret it!!!!

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    Sorry, just noticed I missed off the price, now amended

    Thanks for the comments lads, but just can't see me using it much.

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    TUT TUT TUT!, you silly billy!
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    I might even sell the 75 in .243 (mint as new less than 50 rounds through it) as well and buy A Sako in S/S as I'm scared to death of scuffing them up

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    Yorks Police must have you on speed dial Sir, the amount of variations you must put you swap Christmas cards etc, any way on a serious note do yourself a favour and keep your rifles. Darn good make and model, both as you say in excellent condition and two good caliber choices.
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    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    Keep both. AS others have pointed out you have two excellent rifles. Dont worry, just Get out and use them. Chances are that you Wont find a mint stainless synthetic. If it bothers you that much just swap the stocks or if/when shot out rebarrel in stainless.

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    I cant believe i am reading another 'for sale' post by you, especially now you have arrived at a perfect pair, 243 75 & a 270 l61r, your mad.... there is no comparison with a syth stainless.. but best of luck.

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