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Thread: Nosler 150 ballistic tip Hunting.

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    Nosler 150 ballistic tip Hunting.

    Hi does anyone have Data for Nosler 150 grain ballistic tip hunting round. In 308 Winchester. Using H4895. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotwild View Post
    Hi ,I looked at this before asking I maybe being daft but I couldn't find H4895 to the 150 grain and they don't appear to list there Hunting ballistic tip. I guess there isn't much in the standard to hunting bullet. I expected I could find some where the exact combination. Thanks for responding.

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    For 308 Win, 150gr jacketed bullet, H4895 start 43.0gr (2742fps) - max 45.5gr (2870fps) . From Lee 2nd edition.

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    Thank you.

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    IMR and Hodgsdon are the same Company. Both give the same LOW starting loads for 150 gr in .30 cal. for that powder. That should be everyone's starting point.

    Nosler give data for their 150 gr Ballistic tip but do not "tag" it as Hunter. It is the only 150 gr Ballistic tip they offer.

    Powder Companies give the best information for "chucking bullets " of same weight/BC.
    Bullet Companies give the information on what they have actually tested with their bullets.
    Powder Companies are more incentivised to test weight/BC as that is what is important.
    Bullet Companies are more incentivised to sell bullets.


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    For future reference any 150gr bullet would be suitable data. The listings for the starting load for a nosler 150gr will be the same as for any 150gr. The fun in reloading is getting it to work in your rifle.


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