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Thread: Jäger SA New Price List

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    Jäger SA New Price List

    Jäger SA New coating prices.

    I can offer group discounts especially to SD members.

    Barrel and action from £50

    Barrel, action & bolt (if stripped) from £65

    Shotgun barrel(s) from £50

    Stocks depending on prep work from £85-£100.

    Wooden stocks can be done in the same way but can take a bit more work.

    Re Oiling of Walnut stocks from £80 depending on prep work.

    Sound Moderators £20

    Rings/bases £25

    Mags £15 multiples cheaper.

    Mag and bottom metal £30

    Standard rail £12

    Scopes from £50. There is a bit of work that goes into these

    Bipods £25 (Customer to strip as needed)

    Knives from £10

    Exhaust pipes, especially Bike, quad Bike pipes £120-£150.

    Machining work (To a very high standard)

    New Muzzle thread £45

    Reduce barrel length, thread, crown and lap £60

    Chamber repair (where possible) or bumping a chamber, subject to re proof. POA

    New barrel Fitted (Depending on barrel)
    From £550 all in, this includes threading and invisible thread protector and proofing.

    Customers having new barrels fitted can have the metalwork coated for £85.

    I am happy to carry out chambering of customers own barrels, please contact me for details.

    prices are plus shipping at cost.

    Any questions please ask.
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    Thumbs up

    There great prices for fantastic work.

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    Quality work at a great price. James has carried out a variety of jobs for me from a rethread, barrel shortening right the way through to a semi custom sako .243 ai and is giving my .270 a new lease of life.

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    no fuss , clear and keen prices set out, good to know before you phone .

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    Fantastic and very competitive,

    I just need a price for my bagpipes to be re coated in tartan, And ill be even happier

    Cheers James
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    Blimey with them prices who you trying to rip off ��
    well done James cracking work at a reasonable price

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    Hi James great work.
    Would you book me in for cerakote a rifle in December /Jan please? I will call/pop in next month when passing Colchester to firm up. I will call to arrange in advance. Image below of what I am seeking on my Rpr.
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