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Thread: gas cutting

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    gas cutting

    OK can someone enlighten me to what is ment by gas cutting in a moderator ?

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    In a revolver I can explain it and maybe you can then work out how it might work in a mderator on a rifle.

    Essentially the gases pushing against the base of the bullet (in a revolver) are contained at the back by the cartridge case (that has expanded and sealed the chamber) at the sides by the chamber walls and at the front by the base of the bullet.

    When the bullet exits the chamber and starts to enter the barrel it crosses the very slight gap between the front of the cylinder and the back of the barrel. Now at some point the bullet will be all in the barrel and the gap between the front of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel will be "open".

    Gas cutting then takes place. As some of the propellant gases will seek to escape up and down and left and right. Those seeking to esacpe left and right and down will find only air. Those seeking to escape up will find the to strap of the revolver. That is where gas cutting takes place. The hot gases "cutting" a fine groove (over time and many firings) into the underneath of the top strap in exact correlation to the cylinder to barrel gap.

    So I am guessing that gas cutting in a moderator takes place at the "gap" between the end of the barrel (the muzzle crown) and that part of the moderator immediately either side the muzzle crown? So that a ring is "cut" inside the moderator in exact correlation to the position of the barrel muzzle crown?

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    Gas cutting in the moderator would be better described as gas erosion of the internal parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sauer90 View Post
    Gas cutting in the moderator would be better described as gas erosion of the internal parts.
    I have most often heard of if in relation to baffles in lightweight mods, some of these being made of aluminium etc....

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