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Thread: Please bear leave my Kayak alone, please, please,please

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    Please bear leave my Kayak alone, please, please,please

    OK, this is really annoying, the woman's voice probably annoyed the bear as much as being pepper sprayed!
    Revenge is sweet, she is crazy!

    Deer stalking and fly fishing opportunities in Devon

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    That was horrible to listen to. But that bear spray's got some distance on it.

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    Is it just me that was cheering the bear on?

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    Spay me would dumb arse

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    If I'd had the pepper spray, I'd have turned it on that shrieking harpie of a lassie.
    Or myself, just to get her voice out of my head.
    I can resist everything, except temptation.

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    In fairness I think she was in shock?

    "Come here bear."


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    Ah god love her, she was awful polite

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    Imagine living with that, the woman not the bear!

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    My First thoughts where screaming was probably more annoying to the bear....imagine living with somebody like that, even my mrs asked what the Feck is that all about?

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