Folks, it's that time of year once more!

The deer are showing on the pasture as the woodland under-story gets grazed out, and the land-owner is not happy at seeing next years silage being cropped!

I can provide shooting for individuals or parties of 2-4 competent shooters, at an inclusive price of 150 per person per day (two outings), target species being any sex cull Sika & Fallow Deer, no limit on numbers - subject always to first shot kills! So, no shots at a second beast unless you are sure your first shot was fatal. To encourage accurate shooting at ranges within your capabilities, wounded/lost beasts will be charged at 200.

Wild Boar (Juvenile/Female) may be taken if seen, at an additional fee of 60. Trophy Stags / Bucks / Wild Boar may be taken if seen at a fee subject to negotiation, but capped at 350 for a CIC Gold Standard.

Venison remains the property of the estate - but is available at prevailing Game-Dealer rates.

I need you to turn up for a check-zero between 2:30 to 3:00pm on the day before the shoot with your rifles zeroed for the ammunition you will be using on the shoot. You should be able to shoot a group of not more than 3" from a rested position at 100yds. You will be required to gralloch any beasts you take as part of this offer. If you are currently unable to do this & require coaching, there will be an an extra 40 daily cost for supervision.

Shooting will be conducted by both high-seat and accompanied foot stalking. You should be a competent shooter, as you will be working under your own responsibility. Supervision/coaching/estate rifle is available for those looking to further their knowledge of stalking, or work towards DSC2. As an AW, I can assist in completion of your portfolio at no additional cost during these outings.

We have excellent B&B accommodation on-site. This is charged at 40 per person, per day & makes arranging a visit very straight-forward.

Any questions regarding dates etc. please, give me a call or Email to discuss - as I may not see responses on this thread.