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    Hi there just wondering is anyone useing a 25-06 and if so what bullets powders ect are you running them on ?

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    Just found a good load using 50 grains of n160 and 100 grains nosler ballistic tips giving 3100 fps with cci bench rest primers through a tikka t3 supervarmint.this load shoots a group of 0.274 at 100 yards 54 grains of n160 opens up a bit but can get 3600 fps the group was 0.692 with a length of 3.155
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    If you use 100 grain BT's at over 3000 fps they cause extreme meat damage.
    I now use 115 grain CBT's (Coated Noslers effectively) with IMR 4350 at 2900 fps. Excellent results on all species with acceptable damage.

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    100gr Sierra Gamekings on V-N560, I have absolutely no complaints on this as a fallow round.
    110gr Hornady Interbonds on IMR4831
    Just about to work a load for 117gr Sierra Gamekings on IM4831
    All with Fed 210 primers.

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    I like a 25-06 quite a bit . In the past I've used the Nosler 100 BT , the Nosler 115 BT , the Nosler 115 Partition and the Hornady 117 SST . They all killed deer well . For powders I've used several over the years and it seems to me IMR4350 , IMR4831 and RL-22 were the ones I used the most . For primers I used nothing but CCI200's .

    For varmints with a heavy barreled 25-06 I had excellent results with the Sierra 87 grain bullet . At that time I had a Remington 700 Stainless fluted Sendero . With the Sierra 87 grain bullet that rifle was a consistent 1/4 MOA rifle . At the time I thought I could do better with the Berger 25 cal 87 grain bullet , since in the past Berger bullets usually shaved a tenth or so off the group size . But with this 25-06 the Bergers didn't shoot nearly as well .
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    Is anyone using the 110g accubond? If so what kind of results are you getting?

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    I have friends who shoot the 110-gr Accubond in their .257 Roberts and .25-06s and say it is not only very accurate, but holds together well on closer shots. Two of them live out West and have killed a truckload of pronghorn and mule deer with it, and even elk. That has gotten me to load some in my .257 Roberts ( 24-inch barrel ), getting high velocities and small groups, but have not taken any game with it.

    Most of my friends who use a smaller and lighter .25-06 for stalking the woods ( A-Bolt, X-Bolt, M-700 Mountain ) use the Hornady 120-gr or Nosler 115-gr Partition or 110-gr Accubond. The ones who use the .25-06 in bigger rifles for hunting soybean fields and logging cuts from high stands use 100-gr bullets or 115-gr Nosler BT.

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