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Thread: Which pup

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    Which pup

    Anyone help me
    I've just bred a litter from my gsp and I've got 5 bitches to choose from as I've always had better luck with them than males.
    Question is which one to pick ?? Anyone give any advice on the subject either scientific or practical, they're 2 weeks old and I've sat with them for bloody hours and think I've narrowed it to 3 but any advice on picking one that would turn out top of the litter would be much appreciated
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    You have decided there are two you don't want for whatever reasons the other three place in a cage or pen close your eyes and lucky dip.And then put a bit of work and effort into what you have picked.A pup at 6-8 weeks is a different dog at 6 months and you don't really know what that pup will develop into.I have picked them at 4-8 weeks then 2 months later wished I had picked a different one.So now I just pick the smallest bitch in the litter if I am buying one in, or let the wife choose if I have bred them myself

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    Cheers for the reply, the 2 I've not taken to seem to be a little noisier than the other 3 but that's the only reason, like I say their very young yet and as you say it is pot luck in the early stages I guess. When their mobile ill do some more with them to see if one catches my eye.
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    at 2 weeks old you will have very little to go on , you will be handling them daily for another 6 weeks and in that time you will start to notice little
    differences in behaviour and traits , we do not look to start selecting pups until they are around 6 weeks of age at which time you will notice the ones that stand out .

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    I used the daily evening playtime to help me decide. - Boiler suit & wellies, sat in their play area whilst they had a good old rough & tumble around & on me. After a couple of weeks doing that, the right dog chose me & let me know it! We bonded at about five weeks. He has turned into a wonderful dog & I don't regret anything. Paddy is now 12 months old & coming on just fine.
    The more time you spend with them the easier it will be making a good decision.
    At two weeks the noisy ones may easily change in a week or so, so don't discount any just yet.


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    Thanks guys
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    Jimmy at 5 weeks go over to the box cage lean straight over it or what ever and see there reaction to you the one that runs out straight away with its tail wagging is a no no confident and top dog prop.There will be one or two that back off and go to the corner bin them as well she and nervous become to attached and end up with a separation disorder. The one that sits in the box and looks at you with out giving an f if the girl. Ps don't do this a feeding time or they will all be looking for grub I do it normally about 30 mins a feed. Ps remove any dog pups before you try it mate.
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    It's not a science, not sure it's even an art.

    I sit with them for an hour or so and just watch. Put a Roe or Muntie leg out and see which show interest and which back off, throw a small ball or suchlike and see which goes for it first, clap your hands, see which runs behind the sofa, rattle your keys - same reaction. I don't think you want the boldest, you certainly don't want the ones that run and hide.

    Leave it as late as you can to test them. They change so much in a week at that age. When you have made the decision it's done, no regrets, just hard graft to get them right.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Similar thoughts. My advice to prospective owners is to ignore the most boisterous one in the lead and to ignore "Jeemy Nae Pals" at the back. After that, it's pot luck. I chose my first dog because after staring at 8 identical black labs whirling round, I looked down to find her sat on my foot.

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    Time will tell and one will grow on you over the next few weeks. Don't overthink it, and let nature take its course. It's just like friends, or partners - you don't really choose it just happens.

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