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Thread: Sightron S-TAC 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 IRMH Scope

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    Sightron S-TAC 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 IRMH Scope

    Sightron S-TAC 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 IRMH Scope for sale
    Immaculate condition. Only spent about 3 weeks on a rifle and used a couple of times.
    No marks on lenses or tube.
    Adjustments are metric 0.1mil or 1cm at 100m. Clicks are very crisps and turrets can be zeroed.
    Reticle is mil hash to match adjustments and has a illuminated centre dot.
    Supplied in original box with cloth cover, instruction book and allen type key for zeroing turrets
    Looking for 650 to include postage by RMSD

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    These are a cracking scope for the money. I have one on my rf benchrest rifle and it is everybit as good as a NF.

    Have 'good luck' bump on me!

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    Old tikka, I'll take it... you have PM...
    Last edited by packrat; 14-10-2015 at 11:46. Reason: added I'll take it. :)

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    If Packrat doesn't go though with it can u please PM me.

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    Does anyone have any contact details for Old tikka or could point him gently at his PMs or this thread?

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