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Thread: Reading suggested books

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    Reading suggested books

    There have been several threads on here about enjoyable books, and I wondered how many of you had read some of the suggestions.

    I have bought several on air combat in WWI. I just got a copy of The Watcher and the Deer from England. I am really enjoying The Longest Silence; I had read other books by Thomas McGuane, and met him while fishing, but was unaware of this book. Thanks to all!!

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    I haven't taken advantage of the list yet but I've kept a note of it for future reference (when time permits).

    I was, however, delighted to find a 1st edition copy of 'Leaves from a Game Book' by Major E.H.Lynn-Allen, which was penned whilst he was being held captive by the Germans in Colditz.

    What especially delighted me about it was that I'd taken our boys to a RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Fair a few months ago & visited an antiquarian bookshop stall & there it was, in open view & about 20 yards from the LACS (League Against Cruel Sports) stand!

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    The book is well worth a read & covers most of his activities with a gun or rifle in the pre-second world war years.

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    During the last 5 years or so there has been somethingof a resurgence in nature/mindfulness writing along with re-issue of classics of this genre.

    While not shooting/stalking related I would thoroughly recommend the following to any lover of the outdoors with a soul:

    01. Thoreau: Transcendent Nature for a Modern World (Masters of Wisdom)
    02. Robert Gibbins: Sweet Thames Run Softly
    03. Roger Deakin: Notes From Walnut Tree Farm
    04. Will Cohu: Out Of The Woods (The Armchair Guide to Trees)
    05. Charles Rangeley-Wilson: Silt Road (A Story of a Lost River)
    06. Richard Jefferies: The Story of My Heart
    07. Adam Gopnik: Winter (Five Windows on the Season)
    08. Philip Hoare: The Sea Inside
    09. Dominick Tyler: Uncommon Ground (A Word-Lover's Guide to the British Landscape)
    10. Robert Macfarlane: The Wild Places

    All are in print as of writing.



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