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Thread: Hornady LNL powder measure & both micrometers

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    Hornady LNL powder measure & both micrometers

    BARGAIN - Hornady LNL powder measure & both micrometers

    I bought this from Jon at JD Reloading for a fellow shooter who was looking for a quality powder measure.

    Despite multiple promises he still hasn't paid me for it so it's back up for sale as I already have a Hornady Auto Powder Dispenser
    and a Target Master unit.

    This is Jons original advert.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    I've got a brand new Hornady Lock-N-Load powder measure (050069)

    1. Large micrometer insert (rifle)
    2. Small micrometer insert and assembly (pistol)
    3. Powder drain tube
    4. LNL powder measure stand
    5. LNL bushing (so the powder measure can be installed or removed quickly).

    Retail, this lot stacks up to about 140 but I'm selling it at 95 - including carriage.

    The equipment has no packaging - I'd bought it for a specific purpose in the workshop but since found that I need an entirely different setup. All I've done is run a couple of cans of powder through it. Nothing else. It's all brand new.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    It's exactly as described above and hasn't been used by me since I got it.

    Ideally I'd like to get the 95 I paid for it back but I'm open to sensible offers.

    Sold elsewhere pending the usual
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