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Thread: Isle of Mull stalking

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    Isle of Mull stalking

    Just a short write up on my experience of my first time Stag stalking on the island of Mull, having read a few bits and pieces on the SD I contacted Scotland deer stalking ( Davie ) early February this year to book a few days away.
    I have never had the chance to try stalking on the hill for the Stags, so after meeting up with Davie early Sunday morning we both set off for the boat from Oban to Mull a nice run up the road and made the ferry in plenty time.
    After a bit breakfast on the boat the sailing just seemed to fly in and then we were there after a nice drive through the hills we arrived at the accommodation.
    Dumped my stuff out and then we were off to the target range to make sure the rifle was fine, then out for a rake about to see what was on the move.
    Visited a couple of bits of the ground and seen a few hinds,calf's on the move, spent a bit of time glassing moving about looking to see if we could come across a Stag.
    Darkness fell on us as the time just flew in so it was time to head back to the digs for a wash and some dinner, after a great dinner thanks Heather! a bit of a bleather a beer it was time for bed early rise in the morning.
    Up early for me 4am can't sleep got things sorted and was listening to the Stags roaring all around us, down in the flats and up on the hill above the house thought yes here we go!.
    Short drive along the road pulled in started glassing up the hill picking out Stags on the skyline roaring like mad Stags roaring down on the flats where we were sitting, had a walk along a gully looking down into the trees, roaring just down below us but he was not showing waited, waited nothing showed light breaking now we headed back along the road to another part of the ground then it was breakfast time!
    Out up on the hill and signs and sounds of deer way in front of us seeing Hinds sitting in the sun way out in front of us we stalked along a gully to a high point and spotted a Stag with four Hinds out in front we settled down and waited, Hinds made down towards us and the Stag followed into range glassing him ranged him ready but he did not present a good broadside shot and then he was off into the distance trying to pick up another Hind.
    We moved off the hill and along to another part of the ground watched three Hinds and two calf's sitting in the sun no Stag with them, moved again and spotted a large Stag chasing off a younger one that was trying to move in on his Hinds watched him getting closer, closer I got the watch him get him in the scope he came through the bracken into a clearing and I got told send it!
    My first Stag! what a day what an experience, home had a wash and dinner a bit of craic then not long it was bed time again.
    Up early again same craic can't sleep got sorted and out again close to where we were the day before parked up and started walking glassing as we went and seeing lots of deer way out in front, got onto a ridge and deer all over spotting them everywhere Stags roaring Hinds moving pulling Stags with them must have seen over thirty deer in that area.
    I was glassing deer to the east and lots of them and Davie was glassing to the West I got told to turn around and keep flat on the ground, four Hinds coming towards us and a single Stag with them same again closer, closer! get him in the scope follow him, let him come watch him send it I got told again!
    My second Stag on Mull what another great day I could not believe it first time stalking for Stags and that was two in the bag! got him sorted out and a short drag to a flat bit of ground so we could drive to pick him up.
    What a great time I had and the experience for me was second to none! would I go back Yes! and I would ask Davie if he would have me again.
    Sorry it was a bit long winded but thought I would try and share my time in Mull with Davie and Louis his dog, great ground and first class accommodation, food, and hospitality in my eyes I could not get any better
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    Nice write up, nice country.

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    Cracking result, you were in great hands.

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    Nice wright up thanks Martin you where a pleasure to shoot with and great shot placement, more than welcome to come back, that's me finished with the stags now, ATB Davie

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    Well done lads good write up. lovely ground. You were in good hands with Davie and louie.

    Kind regards Kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotlanddeerstalking View Post
    Nice wright up thanks Martin you where a pleasure to shoot with and great shot placement, more than welcome to come back, that's me finished with the stags now, ATB Davie

    Cheers Davie good luck on the Hinds when you get started.
    Yes I know lads that I was in good hands while out stalking with both of them
    All the best,

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    Sounds like you had a great experience.
    What is the breed of dog ?

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    Hi Grant he is a Hungarian vizlar ,

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