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Thread: Challenging Checkering Pattern Commission

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    Challenging Checkering Pattern Commission

    I still have a hankering to see my custom PRS laminate stock checkered as per the intricate and 'artistic' pattern I conceived during the build and that Callum Ferguson declined to undertake on the grounds I was either mad or, worst still, of the belief he employed magicians.

    So then, who in the UK might be a;- up to the task and b;- willing and interested enough to execute?

    I can dig out my hand drawn sketches that so alarmed Callum if it helps.


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    PKL will do anything for money.

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    Can't suggest anyone apart from the obvious ones on the forum but I'd love to see the pattern.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Doesn't Pietasvenatores do stuff like that?
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    Post pics of the sketches, sounds interesting

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    Sure I can help, have just got a new disc for the angle grinder!

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    Have a chat with Chris Watts -
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    klench, be aware that laminated beech or birch does not take cut checkering very well due to the density of the wood, making it almost impossible to get good points on the diamonds
    Walnut is more dense and harder and hence lends itself to checkering very well.


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    WB is right - laminate is a bitch to checker but anything can be done with enough care and attention. If it's a tough pattern though, truth be told, the cost of checkering would probably be close to a fifth of the cost of the rifle.

    There are two types of shooters - the fulfilled and successful ones - with a 7 X 57 and those poor souls who have not yet decided to get one!

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    Well, notwithstanding the key challenge that is setting out the pattern over a heavily contoured grip area (around thumbhole) it will need to be cut deep due to the green-hued laquer. This would ideally be executed with a Dembart-like motorised checkering setup that can dive deep and let the Weston Gunstocks maple dust fly! The one concession to madernity is I'm relaxed about not attempting 22 lines per inch. 18 would be fine.


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