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Thread: Which one are you?

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    Which one are you?

    I'm definitely the Snack Master! lol.... Might be a bit of White Liar Gun Buyer in there too!!!!!!!

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    I'm the white lie gear buying guy. Everything I own has been a once in a lifetime bargain as far as the wife is aware!
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    This site is rammed with Weekend Operators.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    This site is rammed with Weekend Operators.


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    I am a White Liar Buyer, the better half thinks fishing rods,rifles, and anything to do with stalking isn’t expensive at all. If they knew Ithink a few of us would get no more passes out

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    I think I'm a bit of them all,

    If the cap needs to fit at point of questioning make it fit,

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    I recognise 3-4 trends in my behaviour. Not all good...

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