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Thread: Stalking Opportunities in Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Buckinghamshire

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    Stalking Opportunities in Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Buckinghamshire

    Recently moved from Devon to Oxfordshire (I'm just North of Reading and West of Henley) and keen to find deer stalking opportunities. I have DSC1, am an NRA club instructor and an ex-regular infantry officer (so qualified to plan and conduct field firing!). My .275 Rigby and .243 win are zeroed and prepared for firing.

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    Plenty of deer around the reading area I stalked englefield till very recently unfortunantly snaffled out from under my pals nose by a slippery character

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    That's where I'm from originally. Parents still live round there. Best area in the country to live, in my very biased opinion. Everything you want on your doorstep, easy to get into London, lots going on, lovely countryside.

    Planning to move back if the work fairies allow. Only downside is the cost of nice houses with a bit of land

    I recently moved up from Devon/Somerset too (near Cullompton, then near Taunton). What brought you up this way?

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