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Thread: Saiga AK103 7.62x39

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    Saiga AK103 7.62x39

    Not exactly a stalking rifle but there you go! A mate of mine has traded this in to buy another old war horse, the FN L1A1 to go with his SMLE, No.4 and L42.

    It is a Saiga AK103 in 7.72x39 - essentially a straight-pull, single shot version of the AK47. It has the standard birch-ply wooden furniture, skeleton stock and 30-round composite magazine. To give it a bit more versatility, this one comes with the correct POSP 8x42V illuminated range-finding scope and military side mount - anyone shooting with Offa's Dyke Rifle Club at Sennybridge over the last couple of years will have seen this rifle being used with surprising success on targets out to 600 metres. I believe the rifle is of 1970s vintage, is in very good condition and has been very well maintained.

    Russian-made TULA ammunition will run through it faultlessly and is dirt cheap at about 120 per 'spam tin' of 700 rounds.

    He is looking for 500 or nearest sensible offer for the rifle and 200 for the scope & QD mounting system (the equivalent set-up from the importer would be 1,200 now). Collection preferred and you can try it out on our range as I have about 100 rounds left

    Drop me a PM if you are interested.
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    Oh and I can probably find you a Pashtun cap and a shemagh to complete the look - you'll have to supply your own sandals and beard.

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    How many wife's and camels will you take for it ??
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    How many wife's and camels will you take for it ??
    Your Mrs makes the best lemon drizzle cake on the planet, so I'll take her and you'll just have to find a bit of comfort alone with your camels

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    That's a deal Adam as she's whining for the kitchen decorating so you'll have to take the rough with the smooth I'm afraid haha..
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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