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Thread: Bolton and kydex

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    Bolton and kydex

    Right gents
    We've bought a new machine at work to do thermo wrapping/forming and I'm appalled at the size of the waste off cuts ''Yorkshire man to the core !!'' So basically at the min there's some 2mm orange kydex and 3mm Bolton in black free to anyone wanting it for knife sheath or the like
    It's all good size pieces plenty big enough to do the job all you have to do is meet me around jct32 of M62

    Edit ... don't expect someone to drive for just a 6in square piece so if someone want a good few pieces let me know
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    any chance you can post it ?
    would cover the costs and packaging obviously?

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    Sorry matey some of the bits are about 1200x500 so not really practical

    Edit.... may be able to get you some pieces to Kelso show if that helps you in any way ??
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    Gutted. Would have loved to try making a case or two for a few blades.

    If you change your mind and have a few pieces A4 size then would love some please.

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    In Yorkshire next week and could uplift. Where are you ?

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    save some for me lol,
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
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    I live in the area and my mate does a few knives as a hobby. Could you pm me your number so that I can pass it onto him and he can arrange to meet you. Regards Gary.

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    All spoken for at the minute guys sorry
    All pull together to raise the phoenix from the ashe

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