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Thread: Mauser 98, Hex head action screws

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    Mauser 98, Hex head action screws

    Hi all,
    I am trying to source some model 98, allen or hex head action screws. If you have somebor know we're I can get some easily. Please let me know!
    Thanks K

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    B-square used to do them and they could be bought through edgar brothers
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    LOts of us suppliers if you can get them to ship, or any engineering firm should be able to make some

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    Try C & G Firearms -
    Ask for Chris
    He is likely to have some stock
    He works on a lot of Mauser 98
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    Thanks for your I put! It is ridiculous that they will not ship a pair of screws to the uk? It's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best - K

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