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Thread: Devon & Cornwall Stalking

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    Devon & Cornwall Stalking

    Hi All, I'm looking for accompanied stalking in Devon & Cornwall. I have some experience and am well read on the subject. Looking to gain some more experience and equally happy to pay or take up someone's generosity in return for a good breakfast/dinner.

    Happy to hear from anyone in the South West.


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    Glad to meet you Ash - I'm Axminster based, stalk from Exeter to Poole to Porlock.

    Give me an Email and we can make a plan!


    For professional guided Deer & Wild Boar Stalking, practical stalking intro's & Deer related training,
    DSC1 & 2 preparation & witnessing, Field Rifle coaching. Go to - or call me on Tel: 07798 771 062

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    I can recommend Ian highly, I had a great couple of days with him, learned loads and really must go back for more when time allows.

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    Good afternoon Ash

    Is things don't work out above then give me a ring. If your on Facebook take a look at our local community "Devon Stalking" where you will find other oppotunities in the Devon area.


    For guided stalking opportunities here in Devon and Dorset including Red, Sika, Fallow and Roe deer + deer related training including skinning, butchery and trophy preparation. All abilities welcome.
    Email your enquirers to
    Facebook users are encouraged to join our local community page "Devon Stalking".

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