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Thread: Possible group buy on Leica Geovids HD-R, HD-B

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    Possible group buy on Leica Geovids HD-R, HD-B

    I am in discussion with a Leica dealer on the continent about pricing on the new HD-B and HD-R Geovids (10x and 8x)

    on the off chance there is a deal to be had on a few sets would anyone be interested?

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    Yes possibly interested depending on the price of course, keep me posted. 8x42 HD-R
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    South of £1500-1600 or its not worth it!

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    I might be. Again price dependant.
    8x42 hd b
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    Does this include 8x56 HD-Bs ? If so, price dependent I'm interested.

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    I'm interested but again, <£1600, cheers

    HD-B 8x42
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    Me to as above price dependant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N.F.W.M View Post
    Does this include 8x56 HD-Bs ? If so, price dependent I'm interested.
    just to gauge interest can you edit your post with model and mag interested in
    hd-b is the one with built in ballistic computer
    more expensive than hd-r
    x56 is a bit more than x42
    10x a bit more than 8x

    if I can get 10 interested parties I think we can get a decent price

    warranty is world wide and I am told they will be honoured by UK repairs/return

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    I was hoping that Leica would repeat the offer they were doing last year in the Uk with a £500 off trade in value with any pair of binos, this took the price down to a shade over £1400 for the 8x42 Geovid HDB with some retailers. I just missed out on that last year. Could you get anyway near to that price I wonder?

    HD-B 8x42.

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    Interested in straight rangefinder (yards) 8x, I'm looking to sell on or swap my 10x's, edit, straight rangefinder bino's as in not any complicated (ballistics etc)
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