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Thread: Driven Wild Boar Hunt Gemenc-Beda--HUNGARY

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    Driven Wild Boar Hunt Gemenc-Beda--HUNGARY

    3 Days driven Wild Boar and deerhunt at the famous GEMENC-BEDA estate ,Hungary. From 25th January 2017
    Looking for a team of 10 guns,this is a top end hunt .(as I am sure some of you know) Average bag 60-80 .Full details from SOLD
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    So just thinking, is that 60-80 pigs for the 3 days? and is that all pigs or are there limits etc

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    Hi, not sure you read this correctly it says "wild boar and deer hunt" so no its NOT all pigs. And yes the bag is based on a three day hunt average for ten guns.( It is Wild NOT FENCED !) And no if you have the budget there are no limits. Full details at
    hope this helps.

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    Hi thank you for your reply.
    I did read your post correctly, but failed to ask the questions correctly.
    What I meant was, are all pigs included? or are some excluded from the hunt eg large males or even adult sows.

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    All Boar are included and NO trophy fees.

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