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Thread: Team Wild Outfitters

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    Team Wild Outfitters

    Well, 1st time I've used these and will almost certainly be the last. Purchased matching jacket and trousers to the tune of nearly £400 from them after the website stated they were in stock! Low and behold after hearing nothing after a few days I decided to email them only to be told they were not in stock and had to be ordered from Sweden. Almost 2 weeks later still no sign of anything showing up. Absolutely disgusted with their service or should I say lack of it. I will now be away at work for 5 weeks if and when they get delivered. How do I stand for sending them back should they not fit bearing in mind it'll be 5 weeks before I can even try these on.

    Buyers beware!

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    I nearly purchased from them a while back but heard a rumour they stock very little Inn only order stuff when an pre order has been placed so I avoided them. I'm sure they can redirect your order given the notice.

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    Unfortunately, with more and more businesses limiting stock holding, "in stock" means it is in stock with the manufacturer. I learnt this the hard way also. Worth a call to the vendor first to make sure they actually have it in stock at their place if you need anything in a hurry.

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    JF - sorry to hear about the problem.

    There is loads of protection built into web sales these days - thought thats always subject to how much a 'retailer' wants to chance their arm, but ultimately everything is stacked in your favour. The Sale of Goods Act, Distance Selling etc are all effectively merged into Consumer Contract Regulations - note the change in title to Consumer - kinda indicates the direction of the matter.

    I had a quick look atthe website you mention. Whilst most sites have terms and conditions that seek to exclude them from any obligation or liability to do - well anything - ever, this lot do have some specifics covering stock not actually being whats listed but what they can get, coming back to you with details at various points - and even reserving the right to come back and charge you more if the price goes up whilst they are doing all this.

    Its all there in black and white - but buried in Terms and Conditions - NOT pasted across the top of the webpage trying to sex you up to buy the goods.

    Didn't read all the terms and conditions whilst seeking to buy a pair of pants? Surprisingly few people do and for once the law is sensible - it doesn't expect you to have done so for a typical consumer retail purchase. A review of their listing for a product clearly carries a section 'In Stock' - that large and clear right next to the button you press to buy it. It is reasonable to assume that availability is a major criteria for your purchase decision - their webpage is their advert. The advert and arguably description is wrong. Ooops!

    Now here the legalese try to muddy things by taking apart contract law to the atomic level. They argue its not an advert, nor description or any such - it may surprise you its not even an offer to sell you the item - despite the buy-it- now button. Nope its an INVITATION TO TREAT. Glad thats cleared up!

    Getting a bit too deep - in short my view is -

    1. If you dont want the goods - tell them in writing that you are cancelling and want a full refund by return.
    2. If you want to see what comes through, you have 14 days after delivery to do the same - but they may try to argue you pay return postage. The description element regards stock availability wont help you at that point as you'll have had due notice. So the item itself would have to be at odds with its description, quality or fitness for the stated purpose ( by you or them ).

    Not commenting on the retailer concerned, just in general terms. But from what you say, do you want to do business with these guys? Do you want to put a penny into their profit margin? Unless its something you just gotta have and can obtain nowhere else on the planet, then I would be inclined to cancel right now. Pending their response, you may wish to copy in the payment provider - card, paypal etc. a. to keep them in the loop regards retailer practise ( which may contravene the payment facilitators contract with them ) and b. if its a credit card - they are the actual purchaser/ supplier in strict terms. There's no indication of anything other than being a bit 'smooth', but by reporting such things often payment will be immediately clawed back and held securely pending resolution. Believe me - that gets the retailers attention!

    Hope it works out.

    I'm not speaking about ourselves in this, but there are a dwindling number of really good and caring retailers and distributors. each year more vanish. In large part its consumer choice; but also a growing number of flashy so-and so's that splasdh the market, make uber noise, often see what others have built up in terms of quality products. These guys swoop in unde cut, do the flashy stuff but ultimately prove to be shallow Hal. By that time the good guys have taken another pummelling. It seems an ever viscious circle - with instances now of these jokers utilising purchases to creat consumer aggro to further hound out the good ones. Ultimately the only real power is the £ you control.

    At Kelso I guarantee a substantial number of people comimg, trying gear, walking away to search the internet and buying gear from people cheaper - largely because they aren't at fairs etc with the huge costs, stock wear and tear etc. So year on year the fairs get thinner on goods and we all ( me included ) bemoan they ain't what the used to be. The same thoughts as above apply.
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    What an amazingly comprehensive and well thought out response, which I'm sure will be helpful, not only to the OP but others like myself who order online.

    like you say, we are all guilty at times of checking out the goods, then going elsewhere to shave off a few quid. I'm going back the opposite way now and sticking with the guys with premises, reputations and proper after sales service where I can, the rewards are obvious when you think in the longer term.

    Incidentally, when it comes to good old fashioned advice, transparency, service and honesty, I've had nothing but superb service from the gang at Moray, for the few, low priced and fairly insignificant items that my wife allows me to buy. I wouldn't hesitate to spend large amounts of money with them if a) I had large amounts of money and b) I was allowed to spend it! They are, in my experience, definitely on of the good guys, despite their "hard sell!!"

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    Tuck thank you for the comments - But I'd like to make clear, the words really were intended as general observations and neither promotion of us ( though really anything we post is sort of promotion - though not sure how Jayb's extremely hurtful comments about my waist line fit... but at least I'm not going on and on about it.... nope, not me.... ) nor derogation of Team Wild - whom I've had no dealings with.

    On the flip side, as a retailer you can get it right 10,000 and drop the ball just once and damage your image beyond all recognition!
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    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
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    Comprehensive reply as per the norm Andy & one I will follow on with. It's disappointing when this happens, I have had two conversations with them asking for another course of action as the timings are rediculous, all I seem to get are terms and conditions with a small apology for the time it's taken. Fully two weeks with no signs of anything turning up yet, today I opened a dispute with PayPal stating all the facts. The fact remains that I'd still like the gear but to put it into perspective I had some gear turn up from Germany today after ordering this Monday, I think these guys have had long enough to produce the goods. We'll see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackfish View Post
    ...The fact remains that I'd still like the gear but to put it into perspective I had some gear turn up from Germany today after ordering this Monday, I think these guys have had long enough to produce the goods. We'll see how it goes.
    i understand that you want the gear, but i'd ask whether, given the attitude/philosophy of the 'retailer', whether its worth the risk in doing business with them?

    if its taken them weeks to send you something they said they had, what will happen if what they send doesn't quite fit? how long will it take to send you a different size? how much postage will you incur getting everything right - there was a thread on here recently about the problems of buying boots online when it costs you £10 in postage everytime a pair of boots isn't quite the perfect fit, and that by the time you've done that 3 times the £15 you saved by going online starts to look less attractive..

    most importantly perhaps, given how they do business, what will be their attitude if, 6 months down the line, the £200 or whatever jacket you evenually got develops a fault?

    no quibble?

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    A full refund has been requested by email and a PayPal dispute has been opened to try and rectify the matter. No response from the seller though! Never again will I use this retailer, in hindsight i should have called to ask whether in stock or not.

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    probably busy setting up at kelmarsh (team wild ) but totally agree very poor service uttings on the other hand superb as is johnbradshaw guns totally honest and transparent I do on the other hand get the impression team wild although good at globetrotting are poor clothing outfitters .

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