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Thread: Shotgun fore-end

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    Shotgun fore-end

    I've just noticed that the wood on one side of the forend of my shotgun is bent away from the barrel, near the ejectors.

    Its probably from being forced - any ideas to make it look nice and true again?
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    has the wood got damp and is it swollen?

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    What gun is it? This may have happened if you stored it wet, where the ejector iron sits in the for end of most sguns but more particularly the removable forend Brownings and Mirokus the wood is quite thin where the ejector cams are let in. Very carefully remove the ejector iron, lift the base first and remove back and down and check to see if there is, or was, anything caught between the cam and the wood. With this out you have a chance to see if the wood has deformed. You MAY be able to save this by wetting or steaming the the wood and putting it in some kind of a clamp. I cannot stress how careful you would have to be doing this! Sourcing things like a new forend for and older gun is almost impossible, you may have to just live with it.

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    Topdog - thanks, I'll try a gentle bit of steam and realignment.
    I can resist everything, except temptation.

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