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Thread: Light stalking trousers

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    Light stalking trousers

    I need some decent light stalking trousers for the warmer weather. My current ones are killing me off as it's getting warmer,

    Any recommendations?


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    Swazi micro-dribacks?

    Micro DribacksĀ® - Swazi
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    Thanks. I like them! They look comfy! Even though they look like pyjama bottoms

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    Any good quality poly cotton walking trouser. I use Craghoppers

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    Quote Originally Posted by sy247 View Post
    Any good quality poly cotton walking trouser. I use Craghoppers
    This one, they dry as fast as they get wet. Pretty cheap too.

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    Yes, just plain simple walking trousers from an outdoor shop. Hunt around and you can find them in a natty green.

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    I just put less in me pockets
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    I just buy plain green ones from an army surplus store.
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    Bear Gryl's Craighoppers are great for warm summer days, or Aldi/Lidl workman's trousers for great value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    I just buy plain green ones from an army surplus store.
    A pair of Camo surplus trousers, in your size will be the cheapest option. And hard to beat for comfort, quick drying ability and pockets! MTP probably most versatile cam, but DPM a close second.

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