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Thread: Sako 75 in .243 with mod and rings and bases

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    Sako 75 in .243 with mod and rings and bases

    I use this rifle so seldom these days that it is now for sale. I'd rather sell it as a package (not including a scope). It's screw cut 1/2 inch by Neil Mckillop soon after I bought it. I bought it second hand from Sportarm of Dorchester It's wood and blued. Super condition and super accurate. Comes with a T12 moderator.
    This is a lovely rifle, and I'll be sad to see it go but it is used so infrequently theses days.
    I'd like 850 for it. I am in Somerset if you are serious and wish to view it.

    please PM me if you are interested. I will post some photos tomorrow.
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