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Thread: Single rifle - Alternate Load Tuning

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    Single rifle - Alternate Load Tuning

    I have always liked having at least two different loads for any one rifle
    usually a BT "fox" load and a SP "deer load", sometimes just a slower or lower power version of the same bullet, or different weights for different purposes (roe and red for example)

    The challenge is getting the zero right for both and knowing where they hit in relation to each other.
    Previously the variation has been two much to make it viable leading to mental maths and confusion.
    I shot a roe doe very high in the chest once mixing up my zeros and forgetting the deer load was 2" higher than the fox load I used to use.

    I have been working at sorting that lately and have been focused on multi-loading for three specific rifles :

    300wm - 208gr Amax and 180gr Corelokt (very high BC for long range targets and a premium soft point for deer)

    .270 - 130gr Interlock and 100g Speer SP (mainly as I have a shed load of them I got for free!)

    .222 - 60gr Hornady SP, 53 Barnes XLC (my first go at full copper) and 40gr Sierra Blitzkings (deer, lead free deer and fox/crows)

    During load development I have noticed with some combinations of components, that as the charge level (or even OAL) changes, in addition to change in group size you often get Point of Impact change.
    With some loads it was a marked rotation around the point of aim, with some a gradually increasing linear move away or towards Point of aim

    This one (the targets down the left hand side) is linear getting closer and further away from POA: (not by much but noticeable)

    The second from bottom was chosen and developed into the target on the left in my avatar

    These ones rotate around the POA back and forth:

    Not definitive with three shots but when you know your rifle and get used to spotting trends it is easier to see groups getting smaller and pick accuracy nodes to develop.
    The digital target is a second session of bracketing the best charge level of 60gr from a previous session of 1gr increments due to the book data range being so large!

    I have been picking a charge level group for both a combination of accuracy and precision AND its POI relation to other proven loads.

    A lot of variables but I would rather have two loads that both impact on the same vertical that one that shoots 1/4-1/2" smaller but is 1-2" left of the other. This is not benchrest
    I think I have been very lucky as it has enabled me to get all of the loads above to shoot either on top of each other at 100m or within 1-2" high or low which is a very easy correction either on the turret or on the fly.....or not at all and just point and shoot at stalking ranges

    The best one yet is the .222

    Three shots, three loads with MV's ranging from 2900-3300 and bullet weights from 40gr to 60gr
    Ballistic tip foxing round, Lead free and a traditional soft point roe deer round:

    To make matters even better....I tried them all again without the moderator:

    Complete rounds oriented in the position relevnat to the target
    The two deer rounds are vertically the same allowing mod free stalking which I much prefer
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    What is that software on the laptop?
    The real problem with political jokes is that they get elected...
    I have summat for sale; here's the M̶i̶d̶w̶a̶y̶ Brownells UK price... effin jokers.
    "The .30-'06 is unstable at close range" - Ahahahahhahh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sauer90 View Post
    What is that software on the laptop?
    its the electronic target at Braidwood range near St Boswells
    forget the actual name

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    cool, ta!
    The real problem with political jokes is that they get elected...
    I have summat for sale; here's the M̶i̶d̶w̶a̶y̶ Brownells UK price... effin jokers.
    "The .30-'06 is unstable at close range" - Ahahahahhahh!

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