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Thread: First Roe Kid sighting of the season!

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    First Roe Kid sighting of the season!

    For guided stalking opportunities here in Devon and Dorset including Red, Sika, Fallow and Roe deer + deer related training including skinning, butchery and trophy preparation. All abilities welcome.
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    last Wednesday evening I was sat in a high seat when a roe doe slowly made her way past and disappeared into the undergrowth about 30mts away . about 5-10 mins later I saw her making her way back towards me when she was about 10mts away from me I could see she had a kid with her not much bigger than a newbourn lamb she stopped and the kid started suckling from the doe about 8mts from me amazing.

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    I stood and watched a doe with twins for at least half an hour one evening last week... the doe was happily browsing away whilst the two kids ran about like a pair of lambs. They were the size of lambs themselves and u noted that one was very marginally smaller than the other.
    I went away from the stalk empty in hand but gifted in heart... with a big smile as an added bonus.

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