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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher luxus info required

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    Steyr Mannlicher luxus info required

    Good afternoon, does anyone have a Steyr Mannlicher Luxus and if you do what are your thoughts on it? I've been looking at it in .270 to replace my old Parker and hale which has had to go. Does anyone know who stocks them north of England or southern Scotland to have a look at 1 as well? Have a good day

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    I own a older Steyr Mannlicher Model M Luxus in .270 Winchester, but it is a stutzen, full-stocked carbine. I love it it, but I like Mannlichers and own several of all vintages. Sounds like you are looking for a new one. It and the Sako Bavarian look and feel a lot alike.

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    Hi, I have a 260 Rem. a very accurate stalking rifle I like it.

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