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Thread: Scope wanted

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    Scope wanted

    Not honoured to post a thread in the classifieds yet...

    going to to be purchasing a scope for my .308 tonight, a Ziess conquest. 3-12x50 30mm unless anyone has anything of similar value they would like to sell me, personal preference is Ziess, dr, S+B or leupold. Must be 30mm tube... What you got? Thanks

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    Got an as new leupold European 30mm, 3-9x40 4a reticle great scope
    £250 plus post
    any good?
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    Zeiss diavari Classic 3-12x56 illuminated its in classifieds if you fancy a butchers...
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    leupold mk4 4.5 x 14 x50 .£600 boxed and vgc

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    Got the following if of interest to you or you just fancy a coffee, drop me a PM, not sure where in Dorset you are?

    Meopta 3-12 x 50 / 30mm tube / Illuminated
    Leupold 8.5-20 x 40 / 30mm tube / Varmint Hunter ret / not illuminated
    Nightforce 12-42 x 56 NSX / 30mm tube / NP-R2 ret / Illuminated

    Definately not all suitable for stalking, but not sure if that is your main requirement?
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