I have eaten a lot of crow lately regarding the recent interruption in my 20 odd year hiatus from Ruger centerfire rifles. I still won't own a 77 series or a Mini 14, but these American series rifles, and the Precision Rifle series are a different animal and proof that Ruger has some new blood in their system. That act of contrition out of the way, I must give a quick word on the Ruger Predator 6.5 Creedmoor I picked up a couple of months back. I finally shot it tonight.

I must admit to not having done any extensive work with it on my first trip to the range -I only fired 20 rounds total- but the haste driven lack of my usual fastidious preparation and the seeming disregard the rifle had for it, is telling in itself. I used PPU 22-250 un primed brass, run through a Lee FL sizer die. I primed the cases with Federal primers, and charged the cases with 41.5 grains of H4350 and seated a Sierra 100 grn Varmint HP. That was it.

I got my scope on paper at 50 yards and before moving to the 100 yard benches, picked a bullet hole and fired three shots at it. They all went into one hole. At 100, I fired three shot groups adjusting the zero. They were clusters. With my last two rounds, at 9pm, I shot the 3/8" diameter "NRA" insignias on the upper corners of the target. The cases formed perfectly, it shoots bug hole groups with varmint bullets, and seems to function very well. Another tip of the hat to Ruger.~Muir