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    Vortex scope

    Any information would be appreciated thinking about purchasing a vortex scope and not sure which would be the best to get are they any good in low light . I do need good magnifIcation

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    Don't know anything about Vortex .... sorry but if you let the forum know your intended use then they can probably answer you question much better.

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    I have two both 2.5-10x44. One an a stalking rifle and one on my 17hmr for bunnies. The retical is quite fine but both of mine are illuminated. I have had no issues with them in low light conditions. I have used the stalking rifle out to 1000y at Bisley and there was enough adjustment within the scope to get me there. I was also scoring 50% v-bulls.

    The two I have an life time guarantee which is transferable. From personal experience vortex GB is some of the best after sales care I have ever come across.

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    The nice thing about the Vortex guarantee is that it also covers accidental damage, so if you drop it off a cliff, it's still covered.

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    Thanks for the answers it will be on my .243 both fox and deer I just need to see anything clearly at any range

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    I am a bit like the OP, thinking about buying a Vortex scope (for .22LR and/or a .222) but unsure of how the various model ranges work for this brand.

    Molly - it will certainly help folk to advise you once they know what rifle it's going on and what you are going to be shooting at, and out to what ranges.

    The reviews and warranty certainly sound good!



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    Well made, good quality scopes, few on the shelf!
    Vortex 'bombproof' lifetime warranty.
    Whats not to like?
    I can resist everything, except temptation.

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    I have 3, all 6.5-20x50, a BDC on my 6.5x55, mild other on my .223 and a PST on my 6.5x284, glass is very good, functionality is superb and the warranty is just unbeatable, l have a mate with 7, including 2 Razers.

    I would recommend them all day and every day.
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