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Thread: 1022 mod and ammo issues

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    1022 mod and ammo issues

    Hi, im looking for some advise. I have a ruger 1022 which is about as acurate useing minimags as i want but i have been playing with winchester subsonics and a mod. No matter what i do i cant get a usable group. Im sure im not the only one to have had this so can anybody recomend a subsonic round and a make/modle of mod that work together to give a decent group at between 25-50 yards? Running out of hair to pull out!

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    Try the cci subs. I've never got the winchesters to shoot well

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    You dont mention if happy with mini mags performance with or without moderator fitted. So what follows may or may not be relevant.

    1. If shoots well without moderator -
    a. Is the foresight still in place. On several new rifles I found ( the hard way - doh! ) that the base of the foresight actually over hung the barrel receiving block slightly - and the muzzle thread had been machined right up to that. The overhang could barely be detected or seen - but tipped thwe mod enough to cause one case of strikes in the baffles and two of deflecting rounds low.
    b. RWS did a lovely little 'Mander' moderator - just a tube,, washers and two springs. Super quiet. But after working through a new case full of them - every single one had the threading misaligned/ so poorly done that when fitted they ( albeit very quietly! ) sprayed rounds all over the shop.

    2. If none of above relevant - most 10/22's will shoot well with either or both - CCI subs or Geco/RWS Semi-Auto.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    For what help it might be my 10/22 (standard barrel) lives on a staple diet of eley subs and shoots fine (about 3/4" @ 50 yds if I do my job properly) with an old polymer soundbiter (I think that's what its called) mod. Could never get it so shoot worth a damn with mini mags.

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    Cant get mine to cycle properly with winchester but it works great with cci getting sub 2 inch groups at 100 yds

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    Thanks guys for the help so far. I've purchased the cci's and elleys so going to try them at the weekend. Hopefully just got to get the right mod to work with them. Will let you know.

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    I found Remmington subs cycled flawlessly but accuracy was terrible while Eley grouped superbly but the rifle wouldn't cycle, effectively turning it into a cheap Browning Maral!

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    Thanks to all. I got a box of each and tried them all, cci subs it is for me, ( eley were next but didn't cycle well) getting group of about 30mm at 50yrds through the mod. Happy bunny now which is more than can be said for the bunnys! With a bit more practice I'm sure I can reduce it further. Haven't tried 100yrd yet due to the weather, so thanks for all the advise.

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    Pb - thanks for the update. Seriously - so many times there's a similiar query and we never get to hear the outcome. So your taking time to post again is much appreciated.
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