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Thread: Wildcat Predator 8 .30 cal baffle stack

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    Wildcat Predator 8 .30 cal baffle stack

    Just really testing the water as I want to replace the .30 cal baffles in my Predator 8 and get a baffle stack to suit my 243. It's had about 500 rounds through it and in good condition. I had thought about just keeping it and getting the other stack too but I'd rather recoup some of the cost if possible. With that in mind I was thinking of 30 posted. If anyone is genuinely interested then PM me and I will email pictures if you wish.

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    Hi, would that sale require an rfd being involved ?

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    UK Custom Shop supply them as spare parts, no RFD needed.

    OP, I assume it's the Difusser you're selling, the Predators don't have baffle stacks, just the difusser and outer baffle which is the same (in 2 lengths) for all calibres.

    UK Custom Shop Ltd, Incorporating WildCat Custom Rifles

    UK Custom Shop Ltd, Incorporating WildCat Custom Rifles
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    Yep as said no RFD needed.

    I must have have the terminology wrong as you're right it's the diffuser with the smaller exit hole for the 243 rather than a 30 cal.

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    You have a PM .

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