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Thread: Red Antler for Custom Made Knife

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    Red Antler for Custom Made Knife

    I am looking for someone who wishes to swap some good quality and proportion of red antler for a custom hand made knife of which they can have input.
    The antler I am looking for must decent stuff , either sets or single so longs as it good enough for me to me items out of. In return I will make you a stainless steel stalking knife of which there will be several designs to choose from. I can do you a set of lovely wooded scales which I will stabilise and a decent sheath for you Here are a few examples of the knives I have done and as I say new designs will be available soon.

    I will also throw in a stropping board and compound so you can keep it so sharp it will cut paper and you can shave with it and a couple of sets of cufflinks too.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0551_renamed_28938.jpg   IMG_0545.jpg   compressed_006.jpg   compressed_007.jpg  
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    PM sent to you, Davie

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    Sambar antler?
    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    Hi gents. Wow I I had a lot of kind offers and advice regarding this but I am going to just keep with all who have messaged n PMd me so far . Please give me time as I have a painful disc prolapse at the moment so shuffling around a bit today . Bizarre as yesterday I was rather better .

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    That pic @ 4 is absolutely beautiful.
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    I could use no2

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    Cheers for the compliments guys. Made me smile on an other utterly crappy day with regards to my prolapsed disc, which as some of those who PMd me know is the reason I want to work with antler for a while until my disc / pain is fixed. Though there might be the odd day I am able to work with steel but few and far between....I think there could be a lot of 'claret' if one of my knives slipped when I am on powerful pain killers...

    Good news is when my back is fixed and I have the stainless that I am waiting for I will be grinding some designs as above and a few others mainly based around the needs of stalkers. I have also been very busy stabilising some really cracking pieces of wood for handles and making / sourcing some lovely brass pins which will compliment the wood.

    When all is ready I will most likely put a few on here for sale so keep you eyes peeled for when I do and I renew my trade membership.



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    Just a quick note for all of you who kindly PMd me with offers...I think I have replied to you all now. I am slowly getting round to speaking to you all in greater depth and am today going visiting one kind gent to get some antler. Just if you can please bear with me as I am as said above in shear agony some days and find in difficult to do many things let alone walk. So I have not forgotten about you all ....

    Best wishes


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    Peter, Could you pm how much would No4 sell for?, Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Hi I have some interesting things here you could use to make lovely scales etc, eg reindeer antler.
    Pm me if interested

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