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Thread: Flir Scout Tk any good??

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    Flir Scout Tk any good??

    Hi gents anyone use a FLIR Scout TK handheld unit ??Any thoughts good or bad ,pro,s n cons. Cheers Iain
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    I had a play with one at a show in Jan and was amazed at the size and price, performance is about the same as the flir scout 24, build quality is very good. I would see if you can test one first to see if it suits your needs.

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    All flir are at 7 hertz or maybe 9. Sorry can't remember. Ok if the object is not moving. You need one at min 25 hertz if your foxing or if subject is moving. Damn those Itar regulations.
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    Yes i think someone mentioned 30hz is the way to go ,the new mini rimfire sight at Scott C is rated at 30 hz but its near 700 and looks as big as a pencil.Was looking for something to spot foxes in the distance before lamping ,cant really run to a full Thermal scope ,my car cost half that TBH .Thanks for the heads up il have to get to a couple of shows and have a look see.ITAR sucks ,had a ifra red/starlight scope from the U/S about 10 years ago for buttons awesome kit but when it "died" couldnt replace as they are no longer allowed to export .Atb
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