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Thread: Varberger mounts

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    Varberger mounts

    I'm looking for mounts for a Varberger, Redfield/ Leupold ideally but open to alternatives.

    Anyone fitted mounts to one of these?

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    From memory (I had a 717) I believe that they may be the same as the Sauer or the Remington. I know that the question has come up before so do a site search and you will find the answer.
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    Thanks - did search, just wanted to check with someone who'd actually fitted before I buy!
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    I have a Varberger and had Warne mounts on it and they were OK. I have just fitted a new scope and used Sportsmatch mounts. Had to remove some metal from the free side of the clamp to get a good solid fit.
    Answer appears to be spend as much money as you can on the mounts to get a good fit. Try 'Teir one TAC mounts' or Warne.
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    Bill I think you may be confusing rings with mounts, Sportsmatch only make rings. From what you have said I would guess that your Varberger has the built in rail, not all Varbergers came this way. The model that I had for instance, a 717 if I remember right needed separate mounts.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I've had a few through the doors most recent a Lakelander it just used weaver type mounts on the action.

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    Thanks folks - think (fingers crossed) I'm now sorted.
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    Just in case anyone on here has the same problem in future.....

    Rifle model is Varberger 777. Same profile as the 757. Both six lug bolts.

    Redfield SR bases - the CS model - fit action profile perfectly (suit Leupold turn in rings).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The same profile rings also fit Colt Sauer; Sauer 90, 200(Sigrams).

    So in theory any other base fitting those other models will fit.

    US $30 plus $30 shipping plus 30 tax and charges on receipt (cheers UPS) but at least its fixed.

    Now I sup my porridge AFTER adjusting the windage screws.
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