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Thread: Kahles 624i Scope Opinions v Nightforce NXS or cheaper

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    Kahles 624i Scope Opinions v Nightforce NXS or cheaper

    Hi Chaps,
    Just after some advice, I want to put a scope on my Sako TRG 308, and debating between Kahles 624i 6-24/56, and Nightforce NXS 5.5-22/56, I am mainly shooting out to 600 yards, but sometimes up to 1000 yards. Equally don't want to waste my money, so could wait and stretch to a S&B PMII... but they are very very expensive. Or spend less or something like a Leopold Mk.4 4.5-14 / 50...., or save for a S&B.
    if anyone has the kahles or experience with any please let me know their opinion.

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    This might help you at least a little bit, this is the summary but it is worth reading the whole test if you have the time if only to see how a reasonable test of a scope might be done:

    Tactical Scopes: Field Test Results Summary Overall Scores -
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    Hi Dr D I have a TRG22 in .308 and my LR shooting profile is very similar to yours. I travelled the journey through Nikon Monarch's (great value at that price range) Sightron S111 and finally to an S&B PM11 5-25, don't get lured into the 3-27. The Schmidt is a very good scope and I don't regret buying it. What is significant, having used it is the durability and build quality. However, if this is not a requirement for you, after all you won't be using it in a combat situation, then there are some very good alternatives in the 1000+ bracket. What you will get is the peace of mind that you are using one of the best scopes currently available with a strong residual. I think based on customer service and warranty alone the Vortex Razor11 is a strong contender. I am sure you won't be short of further input on your question. One thing, if you do go for a S&B (and other makes) make sure you get a turret adjustment that matches your reticle calibration so mil/mil moa/moa it is one less mental hoop to adjust for on the fly!

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    I have a 624i, unfortunately have never had a Nightforce but I did buy the Kahles to replace an S&B 5-25.

    The glass quality in the 624i is well ahead of the S&B which is the main reason I changed as I use my scope mostly for hunting not target shooting, the 624 tracks well but the turrets are not the quality of the S&B and the whole scope doesn't have the bullet proof feel of the S&B does either. The other reason I changed is I wanted FFP with a proper MOA reticle which the Kahles offers and my S&B wasn't.

    Dr D, I don't know where in Essex you are but you would be welcome to come and have a look at my 624i, I am not far from Rochford.

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    Kahles, S&B, NF in that order.

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    I'm using both the Kahles 624i and S&B pmII 5-25, nothing between them optically, both make nice bright images.
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    I'm using the 624i and 3-20x50 ultra short pmII . For long range target the 624i might have the edge but for hunting the smaller pm2.
    I never liked the 5-25 optically.
    Not a fan of nightforce.

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    Have you had a look at a Vortex PST?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    I'm using the 624i and 3-20x50 ultra short pmII . For long range target the 624i might have the edge but for hunting the smaller pm2.
    I never liked the 5-25 optically.
    Not a fan of nightforce.

    Nice setup Edi! I have a 624i but I do like the look of the compact PMII. I Do wish they both had a rail though!

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    I bought the Kahles 624i over the PMII because I preferred the compact turrets and top mounted parallax. Optically they were almost indistinguishable. The fact it was 2/3 the price of the PMII was also an extra bonus. Optically it's great, but like most high magnification scopes, the eye relief is sensitive.

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